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18 january 2019
we welcome musicians Sinan Pakar aka $inan and Sungkyu Son
in our new artists section

EUROPAROMA is coming

15 february 2019
new music video is out
watch it?

18 january 2019
lyrics video out for EUROPAROMA
on -> Youtube

4 august 2018
new trippy musicvideo out for LIMITS
watch it?

4 april 2018
single release MAY I ASK
by max koffler

2 february 2018
single release WATERGUM
by seoulmates

1 january 2018
single release CHOOSE YOUR FATE

wanna watch the the video?

19 december 2017
single re-release LIMITS

12 december 2017
single re-release PURPLE by seoulmates

5 december 2017
single re-release of THE FIRE IS YOURS

3 march 2017
we released Max Koffler's album GAMES world-wide
stores, music & info on his website maxkoffler.com

2 february 2017
release of PURPLE by seoulmates

january 2017
Max Koffler's LIMITS is released on January the 1st
get the song as a free download now on his site maxkoffler.com

november 2016
THE FIRE IS YOURS is released on 12 December, 2016!
wanna watch the the video?

july 2016
new maxkoffler.com site is online

april 2016
the video for THE FIRE IS YOURS has been renewed together with a new shaky ending
soon to be released

march 2016
final preparation for the album

january 2016
fotoshooting on iceland

december 2015
fantastic news:
Albert Oehlen provided one of his paintings for the cover of GAMES

november 2015
the album will be called GAMES, containing 14 songs

october 2015
album mastered
(please be aware the songs on this website are not mastered, yet)

august 2015
the senator's mixes are made..
preparing for takeoff

february 2015
Andy Warhol's Interview likes choose your fate, too

january 2015
happy new year!
iheartberlin featured -> CHOOSE YOUR FATE.

07 Sep 2014
the video of THE FIRE IS YOURS was selected for the
18-30 Sep 2014 in Erie, USA.

on -> TAPE.tv you now can also watch the video for THE FIRE IS YOURS

-> dooloop.tv now shows the video for THE FIRE IS YOURS